More good shit this week, including two of our favorite things we've heard this year. Also, we forgive any listeners who decide to jump ship after hearing our litany of criminal offenses. Submit music to Become a Patreon at Call and leave a message at (260)222-8341.

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Praise be to Moloch, we actually liked everything we heard this week! In fact, a few things are some of the best tunes we've heard in 2020 thus far. Looks like the human sacrifices are paying off. To submit music, email is at To become a patron, head over to Call and leave a message at (260)222-8341. 

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If you're looking for a ton of great music, this is not the best episode, but our diatribes are especially on point. To send music to us, email us at To become a patron, head over to Call and leave a message at (260)222-8341.

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Even after almost 15 years of friendship, Nate manages to surprise me. In this episode, he does so by A. Wishing death on me directly and B. Pulling out such a specific reference to "Frampton Comes Alive" that it's genuinely shocking. We also listen to and enjoy some bands. To submit music, email us at Become a patron at Call and leave a message at (260)222-8341.

Queue: Kairon; IRSE!, Lowfaith, Placeholder, Speedway, Geld, Fading Signal, Opioid Crisis, Clear Channel, Afflictive Nature, Last Gasp

Have you ever tried to actually read James Joyce? It's fucked. Send music to Become a patron at Call and leave a message at (260)222-8341. 

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We, the hosts of Demolisten, have been exposed as secret cop lovers by the valiant users of Twitter. We hope you can forgive us. To submit music, email us at To become a patron so that we may donate your money to police organizations, head over to Call and leave a message of support for our boys in blue at (260)222-8341.

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When you understand the horrors of war as Jay Stiles does, you write ripping d-beat. When you don't, well, you land on something far less palatable. Once again, our positive chaos magick ritual (mostly) pays off. Send music to Become a patron at Leave us a message at (260)222-8341. Don't forget to rate and review. 

Queue: Heartfelt, Skull Dice, TI-83, Nightfeeder, Ugly, Glean, Porcupine, Pummel, Sweet Soul, Old Ghosts

Nate really comes into his own as a chaos magician and manages to conjure up 2 hours of pure joy in this episode. To submit music, email us at To join the Patreon, check out Call and leave a message at (260)222-8341.

Queue: Invalid, Dumspell, Fading Signal, Nowhere Roads, Seven Gables, Hawkbaby, Flexure, Unit, Regional Justice Center, Placeholder

In a total 180 from last week, we like almost everything we hear this week, including maybe our favorite thing we've heard all year. Also, are we mean? Write us and let us know, or call and tell us about it (260)222-8341. Send music to Join the Patreon at

Queue: Who Decides, Gumm, Tourist, Drug Toilet, MSPAINT, As Friends Rust, The Dub Project, Vital Sense, Old Coffins, GOGOGO.

Some family tragedy derailed us for a few weeks, but we're back and ready to talk some shit once again. Send us music at Become a Patron at Call and talk shit at (260)222-8341. 

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